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November 18, 2002

News Item:
Gay Student Group May Go To Court For Equal Treatment

Gay and Proud Youth of Lubbock High School, in Lubbock Texas, has obtained counseling from the American Civil Liberties Group, in an effort to gain equal treatment from school system administrators. The group's request to allow its announcements to be posted in school, has been turned down at all levels of the Lubbock Independent School District.

According to club president Rene Caudillo, a Lubbock High senior, the group only wants the same privileges as other non-school funded student groups. However school superintendent Jack Clemmons said that is not going to happen. "...we're denying access because we possibly think it could be a disruption on campus and create an environment that is not safe for our children," said Clemmons. "My role as superintendent is to look at the overall district and make my decision as to what is best for the district as a whole and not individual groups."

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