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Skin Tight Short-Shorts And Go-Go Boots (initial sketch)

Procreate on the iPad Plus

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The July 2018 issue of The Advocate had a charming note in it about the vice Mayor of Dixon California, Ted Hickman (seriously) being asked to resign when he called for a Straight Pride Month in a wildly homophobic rant about Gay Pride referring to referring to LGBT people as "tinker bells," "fairies," and men in "skin tight short-shorts and go-go boots." So I decided to sketch that skin tight short-shorts and go-go boots thing out and see if it was as awful as Ted said it was. This is my initial sketch in Procreate. He would turn out to be Very popular with a few of my readers.

Here you can see a bit of how I settled on working in Procreate. I use blue lines, for the initial sketching such as the old print art folks once did because the blue lines would not show up in the final printing process, only the darker ink lines. I keep the blue lines on their own layer and, for a while, I did a layer over them using black lines. Having the initial sketch lines blue kept me from confusing the sketch lines with the final "ink" lines. You can see here I'm already starting to "ink" some of it. I later discovered my lines looked better, had more energy, if I simply copies the blue layer and changed the color of the lines to black. "Leather Jacket" was my first try at that and I liked how it worked so much I've kept on doing it.

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