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I did this as an exercise in superhero/game character sexy costuming. I appreciate the complaint women often make about the Very revealing costumes female characters that are so often drawn wearing in comics and computer games; that they're not practical in the first place, and that they're just male sexist objectification of women. But I got tired of seeing the satirical responses to that, where existing male characters are drawn to look like female characters with skimpy costumes. It's for laughs, and to make a point, but it's tiresome. The reason male characters aren't drawn that way is because it's heterosexual males drawing them and they would emphasize their own fantasies of masculinity and muscles, and their female characters are of course going to be their sexy fantasies about women.

But playful wholesome and loving sex is one of this life's most perfect joys, and I just have an allergic reaction to anything that smacks of puritanism, and Wertham be dammed. There is nothing wrong with sexy in comics or games aimed at mature enough readers. If you want seriously sexy male characters you either ask a heterosexual women to draw them (like Colleen Doran...she's Really Good at it), or ask a gay man. So this was my attempt at it. Yeah, I like a more androgynous male figure, or as I like to think of it, a happy middle ground between uber masculine and uber feminine. I gave him no story background so feel free to imagine him one of your own.

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