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Cutoffs (Pencil Sketch)

Technical pencil (HB) on layout paper

Copyright © 2008 by Bruce Garrett
All Rights Reserved.


I like beautiful androgynous males, which I consider to be a happy middle ground between uber masculine and uber feminine. Alas I live in a world where even gay culture (American) looks askance at that. I did a charity swim suit photo shoot once for my local gay paper, in which people could bid for an hour of the model's time, presumably just to take them out to dinner, and one of the young male models was drop dead so beautiful to my eye that I was tempted to bid on his time myself. I didn't because I was supposed to be the detached photographer recording the event, but I later wished I had because he got almost no bids and I was shocked. And then I wasn't.

So periodically I do sexy sketching and it's what I like, not what everyone else (except young heterosexual Japanese women that draw manga) seems to like. It's a kind of wish fulfillment. I showed this one to a (former) gay friend who said the figure was one estrogen shot away from a job at Hooters. But he was the one who later drunkenly told me people who look like that want people who look like that. I never showed him any of my artwork again.

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